Can you recommend any other local businesses that can help me with my party?

There are many great companies in Fort Worth that can help you with your event needs, these are just a few of our recommendations:

Service /Rentals
May I Serve U
Anagi Warnesriye
Ph: 817-732-6478
Cell: 817-233-6850

Bar Beverages
Chicotsky’s Package Store
3429 West 7th Street, 76107
Ph: 817-332-3566
Ask for Robert or Mark.

TCU Florist                                                                                                                     3131 South University                                                                                                 Ph: 817-924-2211

Flowers on the Square
Ph: 817-870-2888
Ask for Bill.

How long can I keep my fresh Feastivities food in the refrigerator before I need to eat it or freeze it?

All of the foods at Feastivities are prepared fresh daily and contain no preservatives. Therefore, we recommend that you eat our foods by the date stamped on the item (of course, certain items such as dips and chicken salads will keep longer). Our market personnel will inform you about which casseroles freeze the best. Remember also that keeping foods in the proper temperature zone is imperative. Keep your foods refrigerated at 40° until you are ready to eat them and never allow them to sit at room temperature longer than three hours.

I bought one of your casseroles that has a plastic lid on it, but it says to rewarm covered. Do I leave the plastic lid on?

Our plastic lids allow customers to look at the dish they are purchasing, but are not oven safe. Please remove the plastic lid and cover the dish with foil before baking it. In addition, our market trays that are used to package chicken breasts and twice baked potatoes are not over safe, so please remove your item from the tray before reheating. 

How do I rewarm your grilled chicken breasts?

Wrap in foil and rewarm in a 350° oven for about ten minutes. You may also rewarm the chicken in the microwave; however if cooked too long, the integrity of the item might be compromised.

How should I reheat my twice baked potatoes?

They are at their best baked in a 350° oven for approximately 20-25 minutes or until they are heated through and just starting to brown. If time is limited, you may also heat them in the microwave.

How many servings can I get from your small entree pans? How many from the large 9″×13″ pans?

As a general rule, the small (5 x 7) pans serve two to three people. The 9″×13″ pan will serve approximately 8-12 people depending on appetites. When we are helping you plan a menu, it is helpful to know if the guest list will include all ladies, all men, or children. These factors will help us determine how much food you need to order.

I’m planning to have friends over for hors d’oeuvres before we go out to dinner. How much should I plan to serve?

Count on one and a half pieces per person of two to three appetizers. You don’t want your guests to fill up before dinner. If the hors d’oeuvres are going to be your dinner, plan on serving two pieces per person of five to six different items. You may want to have a baked cheese, a crudite tray, a substantial meat (such as beef tenderloin or a honey baked ham with rolls), and serve three additional small pick up items. Remember to choose a complimentary variety of foods, including something vegetarian, a cheese, a meat, a poultry, a seafood, etc.

Can I special order a dinner for eight for tomorrow night?

We always have ample selections in the market that you can choose from, and we could easily accommodate for eight people at any given time. However, we need three days notice if you need great quantities of food or if you would like to make a selection from our Catering and Special Order Menu.